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Project in the UK

Peace Builder aims to establish peace amongst diverse communities in the UK and other parts of the world.
To advance the Islamic Religion and promote good relations between persons of different religious faiths.

(A) Peace Builder seeks to advance the Islamic Religion and promote good relations between persons of different religious faiths through the following ways:

  1. To educate the different communities regardless of their faiths that the mankind are the members of one family.
  2. To eliminate discrimination against religion, colour, gender, nationality in all aspects of the work of Peace Builder.
  3. To raise awareness in equality and diversity.
  4. To promote inclusive and interrelated society.
  5. To promote educational activities to advance understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.
  6. To raise understanding about one another’s religion and culture that promotes mutual respect for one another’s religion and culture.
  7. To promote a better understanding of the Islamic faith through education.
  8. To conduct research and studies on the Islamic and other faiths on equality and diversity issues and publishing the results to the public.
  9. To promote the interfaith book, “Muhammad (saw):1001 Universal Appreciations and Interfaith Understanding and Peace”

Project in Bangladesh

To support people from a deprived background to have the access to basic amenities that all people take for granted:
  1. Access to quality education (see project).
  2. Access to clean drink water.
  3. Access to good sanitation.
  4. Good quality food.
  5. Access to basic medical support, information and guidance.
  6. Access services and facilities that will help out of poverty e.g. through income maximisation.
  7. To give support advice and guidance to individuals and families to live a better quality of life on a limited income.
(B2) To give support to people who are destitute at the times of natural disaster who have lost their home, their live hood, money, possessions to have:
  1. Access to shelter.
  2. Access to medical care and support.
  3. Access to basic life amenities such as fresh drinking water, food.
  4. Financial support to help people back on their feet – help with rebuilding their home, rebuilding their lives.
  5. Support with helping back into work.
  6. Giving financial support at very crucial point in their life.